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Rope Access, Climbing & Rigging

TSL Rope Access, Climbing and Rigging teams are qualified to undertake works for all the major mobile network providers and are operating across the UK on a daily basis. TSL provides Rope Access, Climbing and Rigging services in the mobile sector, installing electrical cabling, lightning protection systems and decommissioning existing 2G and 3G sites.


All of the TSL climbing & rope access personnel have been trained to the highest standard with safety and

quality being the key to our current success in a highly competitive and quality driven industry. All climbing team members have undergone RF training, emergency first aid at height and regular refresher climbing/access courses.


Our Rigging teams provide services across the mobile sector, delivering 2G, 3G, 4G antenna systems, installation and commissioning, using fibre or traditional feeder cabling. The Rigging teams also undertake the majority of the decommissioning works, using rope access methods to remove the existing equipment.


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