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Tecnicool Services Ltd (TSL) is an approved member of the NICIEC and adhere to the electrical installation guidelines set out by the IEE. The Electrical installation teams have been undertaking works within the telecom sector for over 18 years building greenfield, rooftop and streetworks sites. TSL currently work on installations for the major mobile phone operators and joint venture site share projects. We estimate that over the last 12 years we have completed electrical installations on over 3000 sites within the UK.


The work we undertake on telecom sites start at the incoming REC supply and generally covers all AC Wiring through to the power supply units (PSUs) and cabling to BTS cabinets, including DC supplies. We will also undertake the transmission cabling and lightning protection works. All works are certificated to NIC EIC standards.


TSL are well adept at managing pressures of time, cost constraint, specifications that change and evolve throughout the project, together with the consistent need to meet specified quality standards.


Electrical Summary of Services


■ Power, Lighting & Mains distribution Systems


■ Transmission cabling


■ Fire Alarms


■ Emergency Lighting


■ DC electrical works including I&C projects


■ Test & inspection


■ Lightning Protection Systems



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